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A good Yelp page is essential to a brick and mortar’s success. A bad Yelp page will deter people who might have been attracted to your business. Today’s consumers do their research before going out of their way to visit a business. Make sure your Yelp page works for you and not against you by adhering to the following fundamentals:

Manage Your Reviews.

Managing reviews is crucial. If someone leaves you a bad review, write them back and try to solve the problem. Apologize for their less than amazing experience and do what you can to get that review removed or resolved. Users can edit, update, or remove reviews they’ve written. If you think the review is untruthful you can report the review by flagging it and explaining why the review is a misrepresentation of your business. If that doesn’t work you can send a detailed email to

You should also manage your good reviews. If someone leaves you an amazing and very detailed review, write them back with a genuine “Thank you” and “We’d love to see you again!”. If someone gives you feedback, respond to it and consider using it.

Provide All Available Information.

Image credit: Yelp – Midtown Eats

Many people will visit your Yelp page just to get some key information such as hours, pricing, and location. If someone comes to our page looking for this information and they see negative reviews it could turn them off to our business. So the top priority is to manage reviews but we shouldn’t neglect to provide people with the information they’re looking for. Always make sure your business information is current, especially your hours and location. If any of these changes you should update your page information immediately. If your business is going to have different hours for a special event or something of the like, you can input that information with the specific dates  and times into the Special Hours Section through the website or mobile app.

The image to the right is a screenshot of Midtown Eats’ Yelp page. As you can see, Yelp offers a large variety of information that customers might be interested in. It might not be necessary but I recommend answering every question. If your customers are interested in the information it is available to them, if they don’t care about pool tables or gender neutral restrooms, they simply ignore it. This information is displayed to the right of your page and does not interfere with the most important content (reviews, hours and pictures). This information is also helpful because now many of Yelp’s frequent users know they filter their searches for businesses based of some of these parameters like dogs allowed and outdoor seating. This  Filling out the information is quick and could gain you some new customers.

If you haven’t claimed your business already, you can do so here. Claiming your business is the first step to manage your page. It is an absolute necessity to start a beneficial Yelp presence.

Post pictures.

People rely on pictures to judge your business, for many it’s a deciding factor. Don’t rely on users uploading pictures. You should upload pictures for your own business. Feel free to use the same pictures that you’ve already uploaded to social media. As a business owner you can select which pictures show up first on your account’s page. I recommend hiring a professional photographer to get some high quality shots of your business’s establishment and product offering. This makes your business appear more professional and increases your perceived value. Make sure to get pictures of the outside and inside of your business.


Always ensure your Yelp is up to date. A poor Yelp page will deter future customers. Invest a little time into your page and watch it work for you not against you. If you’re ready to advertise to your customers that your business is on Yelp, you can request a sticker here. Subscribe to my blog to get my blogs conveniently sent to your inbox!


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