Why Your Push Strategy Isn’t Working on Social Media


Pushing content onto your followers is a requirement to maintain an active and engaged social media, but it might not be getting you anywhere. You’ve probably tried to adjust your methods to increase engagement and likes, but it’s not working. If you’re sick of spending countless hours for no return, you need to switch to a pull strategy.

Most people try to boost likes by posting more often, adjusting post times, using hashtags, and improving the quality of their posts. Although these are all great tactics, they are only going to get pushed onto your current followers. And we want to attract new followers. That is how we get more likes and better engagement! Your current followers know who you are and know your value offering. There’s no need to keep reminding them. If we want to expand our reach and attract new people, we need to implement a pull strategy.

What’s the difference between the two? With a push strategy you’re pushing your content onto users through posts. The problem is only your current followers get the posts pushed onto them, no one else on that platform will ever find out about your value offering. With a pull strategy you utilize different tactics to pull new people to your site or page. Instead of posting content, you are reaching out to new people and trying to pull them to your page or site.

So how can we begin pulling in new people? (by new people I mean those who don’t follow or interact with you)

  1. Interact with people with a large influence
  2. Join the conversation: Utilize trendy hashtags (If you think a conversation will blow up, try to get your word in first and make it witty!)
  3. Follow new people within your value stream
  4. Comment on new people’s posts and blogs
  5. Like new people’s posts (when trying to grow, I suggest you like everything that isn’t not controversial)
  6. Tag people within your value stream on your posts
  7. Check-in to the post’s relevant location

Unless your content is truly amazing and unique, pushing content will be mostly ineffective. I like and recommend tagging and hashtags, but don’t overdo it. Don’t go over three hashtags a post; you will look desperate. Try to stay at two or under. Only tag accounts on your post when appropriate and don’t overdo those either.

Don’t ignore your push strategy, but refine your entire strategy to have the right balance of push and pull. Ying-yang. Using the right balance of both will propel your currently stagnant influence. Follow me on twitter @AlexSoeth and see how I use this strategy!

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