Why Your Small Business Should Livestream

If your business is trying to get the most out of social media, livestreaming should be a part of your strategy. The ability to obtain organic growth and reach continuously deteriorates so it’s time to pivot and familiarize ourselves with livestreaming.

Social media apps and smart phones has made livestreaming a very easy and streamlined process. The primary social media platforms for livestreaming are Facebook, Periscope (Twitter’s livestream platform), and Instagram. If you go live on any of these platforms, all your fans and followers will get  notification that you are going live and they are likely to check into your livestream and at least watch a couple seconds of it.

Livestreaming is the newest way to connect to your audience. It’s innovative, not that many companies are using it, and it makes viewers feel more connected to you. A livestream puts a face to your business and allows you to create a relationship with the viewers. Livestream viewers feel that they are with you and it develops rapport.

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If you’re using social media to market to customers you’re going to want to use the most effective method. Since starting a livestream notifies all your fans and followers, you make instant impressions and have the opportunity to expand your reach. Writing posts and posting videos and pictures will not notify all your fans or give them a sense of urgency to watch your livestream.


Livestreaming allows your business to showcase its culture and personality. If people had preconceived opinions about your business, now is your chance to change it. Get in front of the camera and let the audience see the face of your business. Livestreaming makes your business transparent and allows you interact with the audience in real time. Transparency helps to increase trust and people prefer to do business with people they trust.

Putting together videos takes too much time. If you’re anything like me you are a perfectionist and you’re going to do multiple takes and edits before posting and continuously debate whether or
not you should redo the whole thing. On a livestream you simply start and go with it. Since you are live your audience will be more forgiving with you. When you’re live you don’t need to worry about doing or saying everything flawlessly, you’re audience understands you are live and isn’t expecting a perfect polished video. My favorite part about Facebook Live and Periscope is that once the livestream has ended you have the option of posting it to your timeline as a video and it will stay there forever. This will let anyone who previously
didn’t have the opportunity to watch your livestream when they please. Don’t worry, these platforms let the viewer know that the video was recorded live so your audience will still be forgiving.

Don’t be a dinosaur, learn how to use the latest most effective way of organically reaching an audience and learn to livestream. Then learn how to do it well.

Livestream ideas:

  1. Special events: grand openings, open house
  2. Product releases and sneak peeks

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  3. Updating fans
  4. Show your customers what is happening “behind the scene”
  5. Hosting a Q&A session

Livestream tips:

  1. Be entertaining!
  2. Be personable! Interact with the audience. Greet incoming viewers. Ask your audience questions. Make your viewers feel that they are a part of the stream.
  3. Use a title that peaks interest.
  4. Most viewers will only watch for a few seconds, if they’re not entertained they will quickly leave. Make sure you’re immediately ready to engage and entertain your audience before you start the stream.
  5. Schedule your livestreams and remind your fans with posts and sneak peeks to build hype.
  6. Improve Your Livestream Setup. (click to read it now!)

If you want to start livestreaming but don’t know how, view these tutorials.

Facebook Live Tutorial – Periscope Tutotial – Instagram Live Tutorial

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