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Dear Reader,

I formed this blog to help small business owners market and grow their business. Since the start of my involvement with the Reno startup community, I’ve noticed that many small business owners are not effectively marketing their businesses . I’ve also noticed many small business owners are nervous about growing their business. I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained as a small business development advisor and MBA student to help as many people as possible. I’ve helped many different type of businesses ranging from bars to logistics companies. Although every business is unique and has its own dilemmas, I will strive to make this information as helpful to as many people as possible.

You can expect to see blog posts focused on marketing and growing your small business. The marketing posts will include topics regarding digital and social media, strategies, measuring performance, utilizing marketing tools, and any other helpful topics related to marketing for small business. I’m writing the growth posts to help give small business owners some guidance when they are deciding on how to grow their business whether that is in terms of value, revenue, employees, physical space, additional locations, or any metric that my audience suggests.

I’ve noticed an recurring pattern of businesses throwing money at marketing agencies without receiving any return. I want to inform you about various marketing tools and tactics to help you design a strategy and effectively implement it. If you’re looking to grow I want to help you reflect about your methods and decision to expand your business.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you have and I would be happy to answer any questions or extrapolate on a specific topic. I understand that my readers have varying skill and experience levels but I would like to help all of you as much as I can.

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