What Is The Right Social Media Platform For My Business?

There’s many different social media platforms but not every business needs to be on all of them. Some will be more helpful to some types of businesses than others. Your primary concern should be finding out where your future customers are putting efforts on that platform.


Every business should be on Facebook, simply because it has top search engine optimization (SEO) and is easy to setup. Also many people will look for your business on Facebook because it is a platform that they are familiar with so they know how to get the information they are looking for efficiently. Even if you are not very active on social media, a Facebook is important to have. At the minimum have a few pictures of your business and product offering and include the relevant information of your business, especially your company website.


If your business has a visual product or service offering, Instagram is a must. It’s a very simple platform that acts as your business’s portfolio. Regularly post new products and services to Instagram to show potential clients what your business can offer. Many Instagram users will search for your business on this platform specifically to get a quick overview of your company’s products and services. Instagram doesn’t allow text posts or sharing posts so the only information available are photos, descriptions, and comments. It filters out the noise of non-relevant information that would be found on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to give your customers the ability to have a good idea of your company’s offering in less than ten seconds, get started on Instagram.


Twitter is most useful for giving your followers short updates and blasting out special information such as daily specials/deals, different hours, and events. You only get 140 characters or less per tweet, so you need to use your words concisely and effectively. Besides issuing short notifications, Twitter’s most valuable feature is interacting with consumers. If you don’t have a twitter account but a customer wants to talk about your business on the platform, you will not see what they say. If you have an account they will mention your handle in the tweet and you will be notified when they are talking about your business. Many consumers take their complaints and praises to twitter. If you want to know what people are saying about you, you need to be on the platform.


If you know your customers want to see your product offering and you want to develop loyal customers Snapchat is a platform for you. Snapchat is extremely personal and people must actively choose to see your content. On other social sites, people will come across your information if they follow you and scroll long enough. On Snapchat, users select what they want to view before they view it. This is a completely different dynamic but has advantages over other platforms because you know when people are watching your content and your content has to invite their attention, it’s not pushed in front of them. You can use Snapchat to develop loyal and intrigued customers by letting them see exclusive deals, private messaging, and giving them raw unedited content. Check out my blog about how you can use Snapchat for your business here.


More important than all of the social medias is having a company website. A company website is essential to a modern business. If you are selling products that can be shipped, a website will be worth the investment. Even if you’re not shipping products a website is important because it legitimizes your company, gives viewers direct information, and it is solely yours. On social media you are competing for attention against everyone else, on your website people are there to look for specific information and they are trying to learn about your company. You can only learn so much from viewing social media. Your website is your online presence that allows you to tell visitors exactly who you are and how you provide value.


It’s recommended that every modern business has accounts on all the above web platforms. Even if you do not use the services often, having them is helpful because you want people to be able to easily find your business, and different consumers rely on different platforms to find the information they want. Go open accounts on each platform if you haven’t already and add me on every platform @alexsoeth. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!

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