Snapchat Spectacles for Business

“Spectacles should be your next marketing tool because it lets your content consumers see things through your eyes. Spectacles make viewers on the other end of the app feel like they are there and that their eyes are yours.”

In November 2016 Snap Inc released Spectacles. It hasn’t really taken off yet and it’s not that popular of a gadget. Most of the marketing is targeted towards Snapchat’s recreational users, but it’s features and ability to make videos into lasting memories is something businesses can take advantage of. So what is so great about Spectacles? There’s really not much. It’s a camera that you wear on your face as sunglasses. The video quality isn’t fantastic and it’s functionality inside the app could be simpler. But the picture quality and usability isn’t the primary value from a business’s standpoint. Spectacles should be your next marketing tool because it lets your content consumers see things through your eyes. The simple anatomical positioning of the camera and microphone make viewers on the other end feel like they are there and that their eyes are yours.

If you’re familiar with the app, you know it only records in ten second increments and that you need to hold down the circle to record. The glasses will record for up to 30 seconds per button push and nothing needs to be held down. Giving you the freedom to use both your hands while recording and recording accurately is something most other products can’t do. Also, other products don’t give you the convenience of pressing a button and having it sent directly to all your followers. Sure you could strap a GoPro to your head and film, but it doesn’t offer the same simplicity. Another great thing about the Spectacles is that they don’t scare people. Instead of a glaring red light during recordings, you have a freindly white pinwheel above your left eye. This is essential because it will not make the people you’re recording nervous.

Creative Ways To Use Spectacles:

Show Your Process:

Customers love seeing the process behind their purchased goods. It’s why How It’s Made got a start in early 2001 and is still filming even though it’s an uneventful and dry show. If you’re a chef, crafter, or artist, adding these to your social media tools will be extremely powerful (as a DJ I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair). Since they aren’t popular yet, you could be one of the firsts in your industry.

Product Showings:

What better way to show your products than through your own eyes? Since it’s handsfree and all you need to do is look at something, it makes filming these types of videos immensely easier. The glasses have a wide-angled lens so be sure that you are close to whatever you are filming.

Event Walk-throughs:

If your business holds events and you want to show what it truly feels like to be there, this is your golden ticket. Put them on, press the button, greet your attendees and walk around your event. Viewers will be ecstatic to see the event from someone’s point of view rather than from strategic camera angles.

Key Person Interviews:

The glaring red light on cameras scares people. There’s nothing to be scared of but it makes people nervous and diminishes their performance. For people without practice, they just can’t help it. The Spectacles make people much more comfortable. 1. The person wearing them will be smiling right back at them, not focusing and hiding their face behind a camera/phone 2. The scary red light doesn’t exist 3. The person being interviewed will feel more like they’re having a conversation, which will help to relax them, appear more natural, and perform better.

I’m a big advocate for transparency in business and Spectacles allow you to break through that fourth wall. For $129 plus shipping and taxes, you can buy a pair straight from and start promoting your business through your view. If you want to take full advantage of using Snapchat to promote your business, you need a pair of spectacles.

If you’re not a big Snapchat user, don’t worry you can save the content and post it to any platform. Spectacles are only compatible with Snapchat, but it doesn’t mean you’re limited to only sharing the content through this app. Snapchat allows you to save your videos to your mobile device and you can post the content to any social media platform that you prefer. Even if you’re not interested in the app, your business’s promotional strategy can benefit from the product. If you would like to learn how you can use the app itself for your business, read my blog Promote Your Business With Snapchat and check out my Company Spotlight on Bass Camp Festival to see how they use it to promote their events. Leave a comment below telling me how you would use the Spectacles!

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