Small Business / Startup Consulting

As your consultant I can help you with any general needs. My specialties lie in marketing, research, and achieving funding. I’m very hands on will work to ensure your success. You’ll get honest feedback and any problem tackled. I trained under the best and worked with the top team in Nevada. My skills and abilities are endless and I want to cover every detail with you.

Business Plans

Whether you need someone to edit your business plan or write your business plan, I can provide both with quick turnarounds. I have helped many businesses get approved for SBA 7(a) and 504 loans. My business plans are fully inclusive of every needed and desired section. I back my statements with proven research from professional sources.

Financial Projections

Financial projections can be tricky so it’s helpful to do them with a professional. Projecting your financials will get you a better outlook of your business’s future and help you plan for the unexpected. Financial projections are also necessary for approval of SBA loans.

Social Media

Social media trends change every week. The most used platforms and apps frequently change algorithms. This greatly affects how your content is viewed. I stay up to date on these trends and tailor strategies to benefit from these changes. Your social media goal should be top-of-mind awareness that fuels action; I can help you get there. I have the graphic design skills to produce high quality and attractive content formatted for each post type on all main platforms. I will train you or your employee to use my strategies, tactics, theories, and tools to get real results from your social platforms.

Web Design

Like my website? I can design yours for you! When designing websites, I tailor the appearance and content to showcase your company’s top abilities. I also want to show what makes you unique so viewers choose you. If you have a specific concept you like, I can assemble it. Through the use of Google Analytics, I can gather real data to determine how long viewers stay on your page and which pages are converting viewers to customers.

Video Marketing

Video marketing helps you connect with your customers and is the best way to inform them of your company and products/services. Videos hold attention spans longer and are proven to increase sales. Read my post “The Power of Video Marketing” here. I own the necessary equipment and tools to produce HD video and audio for products, interviews, demonstrations, and more.

What are you waiting for? Get your business help now!