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Snapchat is the latest and greatest promotional tool, especially for events and small businesses. Many small businesses are taking advantage of Snapchat’s features and it’s users love the app. One reason Snapchat is very effective for promotion is that the app isn’t overly crowded with other advertisers and companies competing for users’ attention. The advertisements are only on the story page and they are easily avoidable. If you want to promote with Snapchat you don’t need to buy ad space. In respective order, the most effective ways to promote on Snapchat using their own features are by sending snaps directly to other users, posting stories and using Geofilters.
When you send a snap to somebody, that person will receive a notification that they received a snap from you. Most users have push notifications turned on for this app and their phones will ring or vibrate once the message is received. No other social media allows you to mass message individual users directly. Use this to promote your event directly to individuals. On Facebook and Instagram, many users will tune-out the noise created by business promotions. When a Snapchat user opens a snap, their attention is on your message alone. Their phone’s entire screen fills up with your photo/video for 10 seconds or less. Snapchat will even tell you if they opened the snap or not, so we know whether our target customer received our message or not. Send direct snaps to users to ensure you generate an impression.

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Posting stories on Snapchat allows for users to browse through their stories and view your content as many times as they want within a 24 hour period of the snap’s posting. There is no trick to getting people to watch your story. You simply need to continue to post entertaining content that your friends want to view and look forward to viewing. If you’re going to send snaps directly to users, I recommend you post it on your story as well.

Want your attendees to promote your event or business for you? Create and pay to host a Snapchat Geofilter. –watch the introductory video here– Having a Geofilter at your business or event allows your attendees to take branded pictures at your business or event and share it with their friends. Best of all, your attendees enjoy seeing the filters and send them to their friends or post them on their story. Geotags are very easy to implement and relatively inexpensive, however it might take some entry level design skills to make the Geofilters yourself. The price depends on the size of the affected area and the amount of time that you want the Geofilter available. Depending on those metrics it could cost you anywhere from $8-$20 a day. If you’re not confident with your design skills and want a simplified easy process, Geofilter Studio will design and submit the Geofilter for you.

Many businesses have become users on Snapchat. The hardest thing about Snapchat is getting other users to add you as a friend, but users are much more likely to add a small business over a large corporation. If users are not your friend, they cannot see your content. Give your customers an incentive to add you on Snapchat and use that Snapchat relationship to get them back into your business. Now go create an account for your business and implement a promotion or incentive to make your customers want to add you on the platform!

2 comments on “Promote Your Business With Snapchat”

  1. Jake Carrico says:

    Hi Alex,

    If I’m a small business owner posting stories on a daily basis, what’s a good rule of thumb for the proportion of content that can be promotional vs interesting or valuable?



    1. Alex says:

      Jake, I wouldn’t exceed five stories a day. Typically after three stories, most people are not going to watch the rest of what a business has to say. If you want your stories to have a greater effect on Snapchat I would only post when you have really good and interesting content–so not daily. However on Instagram stories posting daily is effective because people will see your business at the top of their screen. This is different than Snapchat because inside Snapchat users have to search for the user whose content they want to view. Posting remedial information daily to Snapchat will most likely draw people away from your account and they will cease to check it. Remember you are constantly competing for people’s attention, if they give you it be sure you are providing them with value.

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