Necessities of Influencers

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I want to address the key necessities of influencers. My last blog, Build Your Online Influence, focused on the value of an influence and the market power that comes with it. If we want to build our influence we need to understand the common patterns of key influencers. Key influencers are online to help their audience. We need to help our audience before we can sell them our products and services. Here are the common necessities for building an influence:

Always be honest.

Influencers need to have integrity. You’ve developed a relationship built on trust, breaking that trust can instantly ruin the influence you’ve worked hard to build. It’s okay to have an opinion and be biased, but if you are going to be biased ensure that you back it with reasoning.

Interact with your audience.

Your audience wants your attention. People want to be seen as an individual, so treat them as such.  Address their concerns. They expect you to answer their questions. Like your audience’s comments and thank them when they praise you.

Don’t push your product too hard.

Your social marketing campaign should focus on more than directly selling things to consumers. You need to be providing your content consumers with valuable information or entertainment. This is the only reason they are following you so give them a reason to continue to follow.

Don’t buy followers.

You can’t buy an influence. Just because you have a large follower number doesn’t mean you’re an influencer; you need real person-to-person interaction. A high follower count with little to no post engagement looks terrible. The purpose of this strategy is to get people to interact with you and interact with each other via your page.

Be active.

People look to influencers for their opinion on industry news and new products. As soon as there is industry news, you should be posting about it and trying to generate a conversation around it.

Closing remarks:

You will not be able to measure the ROI on building an influence, but it will build trust towards your company and position you or your company as an industry expert. If people in your industry have a question, we want to make sure they ask us. As the ex-CEO of Southwest Airlines said, “The business of business is people.” Treat your audience as individuals and serve them as such. If your business can develop relationships with individuals it will transform them into loyal customers. In Youtility, author Jay Baer, writes, “If you sell something, you make a customer today. If you help someone, you may create a customer for life.” Thank you for reading, leave a comment below and subscribe!

2 comments on “Necessities of Influencers”

  1. Anthony C says:

    At what point am I pushing my product too hard?

    1. Alex says:

      Anthony, I think that point comes about when you start to see a drop in followers or a reduction in post engagement. You should aim to help more than you sell. The more you help others, the more sales you will generate. If you want to learn more about this in depth, you should read Youtility by Jay Baer.

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