My Favorite Content Creation Tools

Posting good content is crucial to building value and influence. Attractive digital content immensely improves the perception and quality of your brand. Stop putting out less than perfect content and learn to use some of these tools:

Fliers, Posters, Social-graphics and Infographics

If I’m making any of the above, my go to resource is Canva. They have a plentiful selection of creative pre-made templates and the interface is easy to master. You select your graphic’s purpose whether it be a Facebook event banner, Instagram post, or Twitter header picture, and it will show you templates for that purpose which are already properly formatted and the correct size. For more information on Canva click here.


As a Mac user, I love iMovie. It comes free with your Mac, if you have one. The interface is relatively simple (it could be better), and there’s not an excessive amount of features, but all your necessities are in there and it’s free. It’s perfect for a small business wanting to make simple social media posts. The go-to professional software for Mac users is Final Cut Pro. For $300 you have access to the tools used by industry professionals. On Windows, I’ve seen a lot of good reviews for the latest versions of Windows Movie Maker. If you’re looking for a different option, consumer reviews show that Filmora is the simplest to use and comes with a full load of features. You can download and try it for free here, but there will be a watermark and you’ll need to pay for the full version to remove it. They charge $45/year or $60/pc.

Adobe Creative Cloud:

Some people complained when Adobe moved to the Creative Cloud, but I love it. Now for a reasonable monthly fee, you get access to all of Adobe’s creative software packages, and they all work offline. I use Photoshop the most, mainly to extract key elements from other pictures for new designs. I’m planning on learning Illustrator to learn to design logos. If you’re a student you can subscribe to the cloud and get access to everything for $20 a month. They charge, $50/month for individuals and $60/month for business licenses. It might sound expensive but it includes the best software in the industry and many programs that you will probably never even open.


Your digital creation tools are mostly personal preference. I have access to Adobe Illustrator but I still use Canva for most of my designs. I simply prefer this platform and know it better. Canva and iMovie are my bread and butter. I made the graphic for this post in Canva. Try using Canva or the software on your computer to make something. You can’t knock it before you try it. Tweet me what you make and be sure to follow @AlexSoeth.

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