Improving Your Mobile Livestream Setup

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The latest smartphones do a relatively good job livestreaming, but there is always room for improvement. Improving your livestream setup is easy and your viewers will enjoy the enhanced experience. The more our viewers enjoy it and perceive it as high quality, the more likely they are to share. Here’s how you efficiently improve your setup:

Upgrade your audio. Upgrading your audio will vastly improve the quality of your live stream and audience experience. Don’t let your message get lost in background noise, for less than $20 you can take your audio to a whole new level.

  1. Use a lapel mic. (better option) You can get a smartphone compatible mic here. If you have your own lapel mic that you want to use with your phone, you will most likely need a TRS to TRRS adapter. I use this. Using a lapel mic will eliminate most of the background noise you get with the phone’s internal microphone.
  2. Plug in a headset. If you have the standard Apple ear buds or any other headset/microphone combo, you can plug it straight into your smartphone and your phone will opt to picking that source instead of using the phone’s built in mic.

Upgrade your stability. Don’t give your viewers a headache. Shaky videos deteriorate the image quality, annoy the audience, and distract from your message. Find a way to stabilize your device.

  1. Tripod. If you’re not moving, why should the camera? Get a tripod. If you already have one for a camera, all you’ll need is an adapter to mount your phone. This is the tripod I use. I love it! You never know where you’ll be streaming so the flexible feet come in handy every time I go live.
  2. Use a stabilizer. If you are moving during most of your livestreams, you should be using a camera stabilizer. Almost any camera stabilizer will work, but you might need an adapter to fit your phone to your rig. Simple hand grip stabilizers work really well since they allow you to ergonomically hold and point your smartphone. I found this option interesting because it also doubles as a tripod.
  3. Get a gimbal. Gimbals will give you ultra smooth movement when you’re filming. Check out  Zhiyun’s Z1 and LanParte’s HHG-01.

Simple improvements such as a tripod and lapel mic will make you and your company appear infinitely more professional. You can get the top rated of both on Amazon for $20.68; it’s excellent value for the quality increase. This is the setup I recommend for single person streams when you don’t intend to move the phone around.

If you intend to showcase large products or large areas use a stabilizer. Holding the phone with your hands isn’t an ergonomic position so you can’t help shaking a bit. Reduce this with an ergonomic stabilizer, and if you want a premium option, consider buying a gimbal. I’ve never used one, but I’ve seen the quality it produces; it takes filming a smartphone video to the professional level. Watch Karl Conrad test it out here. This would be perfect for an auto dealership showcasing their new fleet or an attendee at a convention.

Utilize the tools I’ve mentioned above to communicate your message more effectively. Want to quickly improve your brand? Go spend $20 on communication tools!

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