How To Get The Best Results From Your Livestream

Small businesses have an extra edge with livestreaming since viewers will likely interact with the person they’ve been watching on the stream and feel more welcome when they enter your business. So if I’ve convinced you to start livestreaming, let’s dive deeper and learn how to use this tool to its fullest ability.

Learn to be a good streamer.

First, do not neglect your title, put some thought and effort into it to make it sound as attractive and entertaining as possible. Good titles are a key to drawing people into your stream. Once you’ve drawn people in, you have to be entertaining. If you can’t entertain your audience they will leave and your message won’t spread. You should always be positive on your stream, being energetic helps too. People are on social media to be entertained and negativity isn’t welcomed. You should have a consistent personality on your streams that aligns with your brand. You will most likely decide to save your stream to your timeline and you don’t want inconsistency on your social media. When people join your stream greet them and thank them for joining. This makes your individual audience members feel valued and feel connected to you. If people are asking questions in the comments answer them and use their name. Your viewers do not want to be ignored and they expect you answer them. The more your livestream the better you’ll get. You’ll learn how to talk to yourself indefinitely and remain entertaining. It’s a unique skill that can be developed with time.

Plan your livestreams.

Going live at random times is perfectly acceptable and you will some get people to watch, but we can reach more people by building hype for the stream — in your effort of building hype, you’ll attract more people to your business’s location. Planing out your livestreams in advance will make you more accountable and give you more time to prepare. Once you’ve decided on a subject and set a date a time for the stream, announce it on your social media. Write a post and/or tweet about what you will be featuring and when you will be featuring it or even better make a graphic for the event that you plan on livestreaming. Images have a higher interaction rate on Facebook than texts posts and they stick out more on Twitter.

If you’ve been planning your livestreams and building hype for the event, be on time. Test out everything at least 20 minutes beforehand to ensure that everything works and you have enough time to fix problems. Go live one to three minutes early to give people time to flow into your stream. You should be entertaining and greeting your audience as they flow in.

Livestream different subjects

There are plenty of different subjects that your business could livestream. If you’re a restaurant or meal prep company, livestream what’s going on in the kitchen. Show people what is happening behind the scenes. This makes your business more personal and people love seeing what typically isn’t available. Make sure that what you’re showing people is helping to increase the value of your product or service. Double Edge Fitness is a Reno CrossFit gym that livestreams a variety of topics including classes, tips on workouts, and their instructors attempting personal records. All of these add value and transparency to their brand.  If you own a food businesses, livestream yourself picking up supplies, this works especially well for farm-to-table restaurants that want to show people just how fresh their ingredients really are. As long as you have good content and can be entertaining, livestream whatever will help your brand and increase its value or personable appearance.

Ask your viewers to like and share your stream.

Not all your viewers will abide but anyone that does can help vastly increase our impressions. Maybe a fan will share it and one of their friends will share it and a couple people of that person will find it interesting and share it. We are livestreaming to get the most impressions and interactions as possible. Simply asking people to like posts boosts the like rate by 50% and asking them to share lets your viewers know that you want to spread your message to as many people as possible and if your stream is interesting they are likely to comply with your request.

Make a routine livestream show.

The most popular streamers made their streams into a routine show with consistent subjects and start times. This might not be useful to every small business but it might help yours. If your business sells products make a weekly show featuring your new inventory. Entrepreneur Magazine is currently livestreaming to build hype for their Never Settle Show which will be a livestream that helps inspire entrepreneurs and motivate them. They’re inviting their audience to participate in the livestreams and help pick out guests and specific topics. If you own a paint & sip business, make a weekly livestream show that shows you creating work and giving a tutorial while you do it. Be creative and make a show that showcases your business and skills.

Wrapping Up

Start thinking of creative livestream ideas that will entertain and engage your audience. If your goal of livestreaming is to get your audience to do something, voice a call to action and tell your audience what you want them to do.  Watch other people’s streams to get a sense of how to carry on a conversation with yourself and learn how it feels to be an audience member on a livestream. Take note of how the streamer greets incoming members and ways the streamer can improve then apply your knowledge to your own streams. Go do some research and start your livestream campaign now!

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