How To Begin Video Marketing

There’s multiple ways you can start video marketing, but the first thing you must do is figure out what type of videos you want. Are you planning to create a single commercial? Do you want an informative video for the homepage of your website? Or maybe you want to start a series of videos in which you showcase products and techniques. Once you’ve figured out what type of video you want, start researching similar videos and think about how you might want to structure your video. I like to draw a timeline on a piece of paper and make notes about what content will be playing during different blocks of time. Many videos within the same categories follow a similar pattern. Try to recognize the patterns that attract your fullest attention. The most popular reality shows switch angles, scenes, and subjects every five seconds. When making a short video —less than 5 minutes— for a small business, I would recommend switching angles, scenes, or subjects at least every 15 seconds. A popular technique is to let the audio continue while the visuals change.

When you have a good idea of the video you want and its structure, you can get the gear and software then start recording yourself or you can contract a video production company to film and produce it for you. Of course the easiest but most expensive route is to outsource. If you want this video for a commercial or the homepage of your website, I highly recommend finding a video production firm that fits your company’s needs and wants. Commercials and homepage videos directly reflect your brand and we don’t want people to perceive you or your company as unprofessional or incapable of doing a good job.

If you want to make a series of videos in which you showcase techniques, products, or events you can get good feedback and results when making your own videos. I don’t recommend using your phone for company videos. Try to use an actual camera. Nowadays a $120 digital camera and tripod or stabilizer will allow you to film clear 1080p videos. If you have a Mac you’ve been gifted with the free video editing software iMovie. If you’re a Windows user, check out this list of the 10 best free video editing software. The less formal the medium that you use to distribute the video, the less expectations people will have. Always aim to continuously over-deliver.

It might sound simple, but make sure you videos are good. People do not have a tolerance for poorly produced content. Once you upload a video online you’re competing for attention against everyone else on that platform. Viewers browsing Facebook or YouTube will not watch a full video if it does not immediately capture and retain their attention. People are watching your videos to either find information or be entertained so deliver both.

One small business that does an excellent job of video marketing is DJcity. DJcity is an online record pool and they promote themselves by posting new videos multiple times per week. They have topics ranging from DJ techniques, product reviews, and software updates. Check out DJcity’s YouTube channel here. Pay attention to their wide array of topics that all add value to their core customer, disc jockeys.

Video marketing is meant to attract customers, if your company puts out poorly produced content it will negatively reflect on the brand as a whole. When you’re online, your image is everything. If you can distribute excellent content your company’s perceived value will rise. Many consumers of the content will automatically assume that you can do a better job than your competitors even if your competitors are currently doing a better job than you! Good videos will help you build trust and will signal to the market that you are a modern company willing to give customers what they want—easily accessible and transparent information.

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