Going Viral

Uniqueness + Video + Influence = Internet Fame

Viral is where small businesses thrive.Today’s consumers are looking for something unique and it’s usually a small business that delivers.  A video of a product or service combining uniqueness and obscurity seems to be all that’s necessary to make something go viral. If you frequent social media, you’ve seen the popular videos of ridiculous items hosted by websites like BuzzFeed, Insider, Mashable or Thrillist. There’s many more sites just like these that continuously search for uniqueness so they can share them with their fans. A lot of the content is driven by sites like Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr. But, what makes things go viral? Viral happens when users genuinely enjoy a product or service and post it to social sites where upvotes, likes, and shares, are the metrics needed to spread the information. Posts that generate high like/upvote rates get ranked higher on viewing platforms like the Facebook & Instagram Timeline or Reddit’s Front Page. The posts that get high likes and upvotes are also the posts more likely to get shared and reposted. The reason for this is that people want to share things they like with their friends so they can enjoy it too. Viral happens as a result of people wanting to entertain others!

Image Credit: The Fidget Cube

If a small business has a unique product or service offering it has the ability to go viral. Shoot a video of it and share it through page with a high influence to help it go viral. People are on social media to be entertained. Unique product offerings are sure to stick out among the noise created by memes, selfies, and advertisers. If you want your Indiegogo or Kickstarter to get funded, going viral is essential.

Image credit: Thrillist

Many restaurants have gone viral after posting videos of themselves making something ridiculous. This can be anything from dumping a ridiculous amount of gooey cheese on your entree or making a popular item gigantic. These unique product offerings amaze and entice viewers enough to publicly like and share with their friends. Even with the correct formula, you might not see viral results immediately. Many things go viral months or years after being posted to the internet. Even the Catch Me Outside Girl took about six months to get popular, and we have no idea how long Salt Bae has been performing. If you want your product to go viral, make sure it is unlike anything else —put it in a class of it’s own— , get some good videos of it, and get it in front of people or pages with a high influence. Send me an email through the contact form on my Contact page so I can help you design the best strategy for your product or service!

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