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Image Credit: Canva

People on social media have extremely short attention spans and diminishing tolerances for poor content. Being a small business doesn’t give you any excuse for poorly produced content. If you’re online you’re competing against the best and it isn’t difficult to mimic the best and become the best. It will take time and effort, but it will surely increase the perceived value and quality of your brand.

We’re making social graphics most likely to inform or promote and attract as many people as possible. If we want to capture people’s attention and have them share our message, we should be aiming to produce the best content possible. There are many tools available to us; you don’t need to hire a graphic designer or to learn Adobe Suite to create quality content.

My go to service for creating any social graphic is They make it super simple to create stunning flyers. Using their one of their templates for Facebook event covers, I quickly made this image above for my friend by picking a template and uploading a photo of her bar. All the templates are free and they have a great selection of free images and icons to choose from. For this image, I only paid $1.00 to download it since I preferred that bee icon more than the available free ones. Use Canva’s free templates to capture attention and spread your message. The membership is free and they make it super simple to connect with your Facebook account. Check out Marley Baird Media’s Canva Tutorial. In this video she breaks down Canva’s main features and shows you how to use the online software.

When promoting an event on social media don’t neglect to fill out all the information and create a detailed well written description. If you create a good graphic and capture someone’s attention they are going to be intrigued and want access to good information. Creating value for your consumer and utilizing better graphics and descriptions will help you promote your event more effectively. Create your brand the way you want it perceived. If you want to be seen as a modern business, sign up for Canva or a similar service and use these tools.

Screenshot from Canva showing some of their social graphic templates.


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