Company Spotlight: Bass Camp Festival

Bass Camp Festival Inc, is a promotion company that hosts high profile electronic dance music events. They book up and coming artists, as well as big ticket DJ’s. All their events are always a great time. Their flagship event in the middle of summer at Lake Tahoe, dubbed Bass Camp Festival, is an especially exciting and unique event.

The reason I am spotlighting Bass Camp is because they do an excellent job promoting their events through Snapchat. They post enticing content and with reasonable frequency.

Not only does Bass Camp post great content, they give Snapchat users a reason to add them. Bass Camp will often post information about how or where to get free tickets exclusively through their Snapchat story. If you are not their friend on the platform, you miss out on this valuable information.

One awesome gimmick Bass Camp uses is a ticket scavenger hunt. They will hide tickets in monumental spots in the city of the event and post photos to their snapchat story that reveal clues of where the tickets are hidden. This allows for a lucky few to get some free tickets and builds brand loyalty. If you went through the effort to look for the tickets but were late to game, you’re likely to buy a ticket after your failed effort.

On the day of the event, Bass Camp posts nonstop in an effort to build hype and it works amazingly. The content will range from setting up the stage, sound and light checks, and picking up the performing artists.

If you were unable to attend one of their events, you can check our their story for highlights. You’ll also see the highlights of their setup and tear down process. They invite their Snapchat friends to view everything going on behind the scenes of events. This shows transparency and people love seeing the work that goes into making each production.

Most of the content Bass Camp posts to their Snapchat is only on their Snapchat and will never be shared anywhere else. Bass Camp knows how to create hype for their events and that translates directly into ticket sales–most of their events sell out. Their Snapchat strategy is simple, effective, and creates value for the person consuming the content.

If you’re using Snapchat to promote your small business’s event, try your best to mimic their model. If you’re not hosting events, think of four ways you can create value for your Snapchat friends so that others will want to add you and view your content. Follow me on Twitter and add Bass Camp Festival Inc on Snapchat! @BassCampFest

Image credit: Bass Camp Festival

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