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Pairing an excellent online image with a strong market influence will position your company as the go-to resource for information. When people are looking to make buying decisions they look to influencers to help them make a decision. Become an influencer and let your voice command the market.

Your online influence is the impact that your voice has online. Influencers are nothing new to marketing, but new media platforms allow anyone to become an influencer. You don’t need a show like Dr. Phil or Oprah to have a voice. You can start building an influence from the ground up. The opportunity to become an influencer is accessible to anyone!

The main reasons you want to build your influence is to attract people to your business, build trust, and gain market power. If you are a top influencer of a community and you tell your followers which products are great or trash, people are going to listen to what say and many are going to make purchasing decisions off your word. Having this power allows you to steer opinion and can be invaluable, so how can we get it?

To build this power, you should aim to attract social media browsers to your page and convince them to want to follow you. Once you’ve gained a follower you’ve converted that seeker into a consumer. They may not be buying your product offering immediately, but they will be consuming your social media content. With time and effort, we can convert these consumers into paying customers but first we need to nurture our relationship with them by providing value.

How can I provide them with value if I’m not selling them my product or service? We provide value to consumers by delivering content that they value. This can be in the form of sharing industry news, sparking debate, reviews, or simply sharing things that align with the interests of your niche. Providing valuable content and stirring conversation on your page will cause people to start flocking to your page. You will get more followers, consumers, and then customers.

A top influencer in the YouTube beauty community is Michelle Phan. Phan has been actively vlogging since 2007 and has amassed over 8.8 million subscribers. She has a very strong market influence and millions of people flock to her channel to find the best new products that will help solve their beauty problem.

In the disc jockey community, DJcity is the #1 influencer. They post unbiased and in-depth product reviews every single week. They showcase various artists and have them teach unique techniques. Before DJ’s make purchasing decisions on new equipment, they flock to DJcity’s YouTube channel to get an expert opinion on an item. DJcity’s main business is selling subscriptions to their record pool for professional DJs. They post this unique content to position themselves as industry experts and spread their brand. I was a YouTube subscriber of DJcity for two years before I signed up for their record pool.

If you want to build you influence like these examples you must provide you audience with value, have integrity, post frequently, be professional and personable. Provide easily digestible, valuable content. Provide unique content. Engage your audience and invite them to join the conversation. Building an influence takes time and is not an easy effort. You can’t buy it, you have to earn it. Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment and follow me on Twitter!

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