5 Easy Tactics To Increase Influence

Expecting people to find your page by posting frequently won’t get you anywhere. You will waste your time and lose opportunity for growth. No matter how much you #hashtag you will not find the audience you need. The following tactics are meant to get your page in front of new people. If your page aligns with their interests, they are likely to follow you. If your page provides unique content in line with their interests, they are much more likely to follow. Here are the tactics we can use to build our influence:

Address industry news.

If you can provide a place to stir conversation about industry news you will build your influence. If an innovative new product or service is released or is getting ready to be released, post the news and get the conversation started. Address the pros and cons of the news. Who is this news helping? Who is it hurting? Does the company releasing this have a good history? What can the industry expect from this news?

Ask your audience questions.

Are you curious about something? Ask your followers. Empower them to interact with you and respect their opinion. People within niches love to talk about them. Give them a chance to speak and show that their opinions are valued. Not only are we building a relationship with that individual, but that person has signaled his engagement with us to all his/her followers. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, people see their friend’s/follower’s likes, comments, and replies. If Johnny comments on your company’s Facebook page, all 567 of his friends can see it. Not all will see it, but many will. I’m sure you can recall many times when you’re browsing Facebook and see random posts from pages you haven’t liked, but then you notice in the top left corner, “Johnny replied to a comment on this.”

Interact with large influencers.

Perhaps the simplest way to get noticed by a lot of people quickly is to interact with people who already have a large influence. Ask them questions, comment on their content, and share their content. Getting them to interact with you puts, puts you in front of their audience.

Try to get shared or retweeted.

Provide something of such great value that your consumers want to share it with their own followers. And again, it always helps to ask. Asking is less effective on Twitter so try to keep that to a minimum. I find that the best way to get exposure from Twitter is to ask influential people questions. When they reply, their followers will flock to your profile.

Engage new people.

Following or interacting with new people will notify them and they will most likely check out who their new follower is. If your social media can provide that person with value, they are inclined to follow you and hopefully their friends see that they have followed someone new.


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